Church & Community Initiative



To introduce members of the faith community to the products, services and benefits provided through the BDX member-businesses, our corporate and community partners.



Connecting our community with superior high-quality products and services at highly affordable rates.



To create a mutually benefitting relationship between BDX businesses, churches, communities and the consumers we seek to serve.





The Pastor will be revered for his understanding of the tremendous need to connect quality businesses, their products and services with members of his congregation and surrounding community. Without the Pastor’s support, the CCOI will not be positioned to succeed.  The Pastor’s leadership and guidance is critical to the successful outcomes of the CCOI.



Each participating BDX member-business will agree to donate either a percentage of their sales or an equal value in products or services to the church.  Percentages may range from 5% to 10% of sales.



The greatest benefit will be delivered to the members of the congregation in being able to acquire high-quality products and services at an affordable rate.  The CEO of the BDX will arbitrate any discrepancies or problems, issues or concerns that may arise in the ordinary course of the business transactions.



Working with the Pastor and his congregation, BDX will reach out to the community leaders and community association groups to inform and to invite them to participate in the BDX Church & Community Outreach Initiative. This will allow the greater community to gain information in a timely manner to become acquainted with BDX member-businesses and the services and ministries offered by the participating churches.

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